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New Get-Happier and Make-Happier Stickers

Make-happier stickers + get-happier stickers from Happier Place.

Being happier isn’t just about ourselves, it’s also about what we put out into the world. The make-happier stickers spread positive, proactive messages to help make more people happier, including you.

The new 3-inch weather-resistant Happier Place stickers each come in three different colors (black, blue and white) and feature the phrases:
Yes, let’s.
Be kind. Be brave. Be happier.
Let’s make the world a happier place.
I’m in my happier place.

Of course, a catchy slogan in itself isn’t going to make everyone happier immediately. The slogans simplify concepts that are worth contemplating and following in order to be happier, make others happier and turn the world into a happier place. We’re publishing a series of longer articles about the various concepts – and will keep updating the following list as they’re published.

The ideas behind the slogans (2 of 4 articles so far):

Inviting Happiness and Adventure: Yes, let’s!
We Dare to Dare You: Be Kind. Be Brave. Be Happier.

But in a way, the simple catchphrases do speak for themselves. On a most basic level, they’re positive and motivational. They also leave enough room for a personal interpretation. In the form of stickers, they’re a great method to declare your intentions, to provide a daily reminder, to spread the word, to inspire others, to spark conversation, and last but not least, to celebrate your happier place.

  • Be Kind Sticker: Be kind. Be brave. Be happier. - Happier Place - on black - H006-STC-BB-BK

    “Be Kind” Sticker

    Select options
  • Happier World Sticker - text on blue: Let's make the world a happier place. - Happier Place - H006-STC-LM-BUL

    “Happier World” Sticker

    Select options
  • Yes Let's Sticker - text on white: Yes, let's! - Happier Place - H006-STC-YL-BWH

    “Yes, let’s!” Sticker

    Select options
  • Make-happier stickers kit by Happier Places features the slogans: Be kind. Be brave. Be happier. + Let's make the world a happier place. + Yes, let's. + I'm in my happier place.

    “Make-Happier” Stickers Kit

    Select options
  • My Happier Place Sticker - text on blue: I'm in my happier place. - Happier Place - H006-STC-IM-BU

    “My Happier Place” Sticker

    Select options

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September Giveaway Prize
To celebrate our new batch of stickers, we’ll be giving away three sets of all 8 of our stickers to three winners randomly selected from all the photographers whose #HappierPlace-tagged photos we will re-share in September on Instagram.

Share your thoughts:
Which sticker speaks to you? Where would you put it? And if you already have any of the stickers: where did you put them? Have they spurred any conversations? 

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  1. Love all of them & look forward to being to share some “happiness”

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